Monday, February 16, 2015

Do You Need a Plan B?

This past week I had the pleasure to hear Motivational Speaker, Angela Cassel with TLC Moments, talk about setting goals.  There are all kinds of goals that we set for ourselves.  During the early part of the year, these goals could be attached to getting healthy.  This could be in change of diet, loss of weight, or increase of exercise.  Yearly business goals are often set to reach a particular sales figure for the year.  A personal goal could mean a career change, such as a different job or going back to school.   Many times when we look back at these wanted changes, we often wonder did we reach our goals.  Did we attain the end result that we set out to accomplish?  I have learned that there are times that when we do not reach our first goal or "Plan A", that very often we will ditch our original plan and go for "Plan B".   Should Plan B be so different from Plan A?  Or maybe do we just need to analysis Plan A to see what is working and what is not working with it.  Make some needed changes and keep working toward that goal.

Angela spoke of instead of a totally different Plan A, you should go for a "Better"  Plan B.  A plan that reworks Plan A into a "Smarter" plan.

S -  Be Specific about your goal
M - Is your goal Measurable
A -  Is your goal Attainable
R -  Is it a Realistic goal
T -  Have you set a Time to reach goal

So, instead of ditching Plan A when the going gets tough, get smarter about setting those goals.

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