Monday, April 21, 2008

Why only Earth "Day"

My daughter and I were talking this past week about Earth Day coming up and she made the comment that we should always be thinking of the Earth. Not just one day out of the year. She definitely has a good point. Everyone should put the earth first when making decisions about the simple things in our lives. Do we need all those lights on when we are really only making use of one light in the room? What about that quick trip to the mall for one item? Instead of driving separately, how about calling a friend and riding together? The list can go on and on. What are you doing about saving our Earth for future generations?

Ten Ways to help the Earth

1. Turn off computers overnight
2. Recycle the most possible in your area
3.. Run errands during less traffic times of the day- saves gas while waiting in traffic
4. Don't sit in long drive through lines - park and go in for food
5. Purchase cloth shopping bags
6. Ride your bike or walk to local destinations
7. Purchase local grown food - saves on long distance transportation gas
8. Think twice before washing your car - Does it really need to be washed?
9. Take your lunch to work instead of driving to eat out.
10.Purchase from resale clothing shops -

This is just the tip of the ice berg on helping our earth. Feel free to add to the list. It is amazing how helping the earth can make you feel inside. Try it out and see for yourself.