Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Staying on the Go"

A few weeks ago, our family was spending the night in a hotel. While TV channel surfing, I found a show on how an office was using constant motion to help employees to lose weight. (sorry, I do not remember the shows name or even the network which aired it) Each employee used a special treadmill which had been equipped with a desk top to hold a computer keyboard and monitor. All day long, the employee would walk at a very slow pace while working at their computer. It was found that employees had lost weight without any other lifestyle changes. No additional exercise outside the office or any change in their diets.

I found the results to be very interesting and that we could all learn form this. Stay on the go and you are going to burn calories. Whenever you have the choice, take the stairs over the elevator. When shopping, park far from the store entrance and get some walking in. If you have a desk job, take time out to get away from your desk. Walk around the building a few times, do some simple stretches and bends. The point is get your body moving.