Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time to Set Goals for the Year

The new year has started and it is time to set goals. Every year many of us make our New Year's Resolutions. These can range from weight loss, to getting fit, to reading more, to spending more with family and friends, to finding a new job. Whatever we decide on, we are setting goals. Some goals are easier to reach than others. I have found that if I want to accomplish something, writing it down makes the goal come to life. To make reaching my goals more attainable, I will place my long term goal at the top of the page. Below this goal, I will write in my "baby step" to reach the goal. When I complete or reach each baby step, I am able to feel good about it. Often, one of the baby steps may change, but my long term goal is still there. To reach any of my goals, I know that I must dream about my goals and imagine myself at the finish line. The only way to reach this finish line is to work. So it is time to get to work on my goals for 2009.

Simple Truth Video 212 degrees makes a difference. Set your goals and put in the effort to reach them.

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